An elegant iOS app to hide and protect
your private photos & videos.

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MooCow App

MooCow is an elegant privacy focused app to hide your photos and videos behind a passcode and FaceID.

Are you concerned about privacy? Then hide your photos and videos with MooCow. Your data is never sent to a sketchy server and your data stays on your device and is only seen by you.

Exclusively for iPhone and iPad.

Why The Name MooCow?

Because it is an inconspicuous app name that can sit on your home screen without drawing too much attention.

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Import Photos & Videos

You can import photos and videos directly from your camera, documents, photo library, and the web. You can also drag and drop files into MooCow via macOS file sharing.

Photos & Videos Organized

Organize your photos and videos into folders and sub-folders and browse them in a custom grid or list. You can choose separate layouts for files and folders too!

Fullscreen Gesture Viewer

View all your photos in a fullscreen image viewer that is gesture driven. Swipe left and right to navigate, tap to dismiss controls, and swipe up or down to dismiss.

Hide Your Photos & Videos

Hide and protect your photos and videos from unwanted eyes by locking the app with a 4 digit passcode or TouchID / FaceID authentication.

Media Player & Image Browser

Watch your videos in app using the native iOS video player. View your photos in a custom fullscreen swipeable photo album browser.

Supported File Types

Videos: MP4, M4V, MOV
Images: JPG, PNG, HEIC, TIFF, BMP, GIF, WEBP, Live Photos

Built-in WiFi File Manager

The built-in MooCow WiFi File Manager enables you to manage your photos and videos over WiFi on your private home network.

Use your computer's web browser to navigate to MooCow's WiFi File Manager, via a private IP address, to view / download / create / delete / rename all of your files and folders.

You are in control when the WiFi File Manager is turned on, so only you can access it when you choose.

iphone 13 moocow dark mode screenshot

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important, especially when it comes to your photos and videos.
For that reason alone, MooCow does not collect any of your personal data and information.
We only receive anonymous opt-in analytical data provided by Apple.

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