An elegant iOS app to hide and protect
your private photos & videos.

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Modern Features

MooCow provides some sleek and easy to use features to make hiding your photos and videos fun and simple.

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MooCow is an elegant privacy focused app to hide your photos, videos, and audio behind FaceID and a passcode.

Privacy First

MooCow was built with privacy first, so all of your sensitive data only lives on your phone and is never sent to some other sketchy server.

Intuitive Design

MooCow is an easy to use and intuitive media hiding app for iOS. Use it to keep your most personal photos and videos hidden and organized.

Exclusively for iPhone and iPad.

Built-in WiFi File Manager

Easiest Way To Manage Files

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The built-in MooCow WiFi File Manager enables you to manage your photos and videos over WiFi on your private home network.

Use your computer's web browser to navigate to MooCow's WiFi File Manager, via a private IP address, to view / download / create / delete / rename all of your files and folders.

You are in control when the WiFi File Manager is turned on, so only you can access it when you choose.

Why MooCow?

The name 'MooCow' is an inconspicuous app name that can sit on your homescreen without drawing attention to what the app holds inside.

Privacy Policy

Your Data Is Important

Your privacy is very important, especially when it comes to your personal photos and videos. For that reason alone, MooCow does not collect any of your personal data and information.

The developer only receives anonymous opt-in analytical data provided by Apple to track crashes and usage.

MooCow does not save nor want your personal data.

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